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Season 1

1 - Fiesta Day

On his way to school, Eddie shares all about his family vacation. It's Fiesta Day at Central Elementary, and there are special activities planned at school. The classroom teacher reads poems from the book Little Stars and Cactus, Estrellitas y Nopales.

2 - People, Places, and Things

Visit Noun Town as the teacher reads the poem "The View from My Window." Enjoy seeing pictures from Eddie's vacation and find out what happens at Central Elementary when Barry the Bell is out sick.

3 - Action, Action!

Today Eddie finds himself using action words during an exercise drill. Join the teacher to hear a story titled Home Run that is filled with verbs to describe actions that take place. Barry the Bell is back and practices his acting skills for the school play.

4 - Up, Down, In Out

Join Eddie as he rides his skateboard to and from school and learns all about prepositions. Barry the Bell directs students to class to hear their teacher read the story Moving Day. Learn how preposition words are used to show where things are located.

5 - A New Friend

Barry the Bell and Eddie learn that there’s a new student starting at Central Elementary School. His name is Grant and he has special needs that require accommodations. The teacher reads the book Drew Learns About Autism and then visits the Land of Five Senses.

6 - Water, Water Everywhere

Eddie participates in the beach clean up after school. Barry the Bell shares historical details about his family of Bells and the teacher reads the book, Sandy the Seahorse and discusses the importance of our ocean and its habitat.

7 - A Magnetic Attraction

Eddie shares details about the fun he had over the weekend and the magnet he bought. The teacher shares the nonfiction book, Magnetism, while Barry the Bell and his friend Barbara demonstrate how magnetic attraction works.

8 - Make the Best of It

There’s a science fair at Central Elementary School and Eddie works on his science project making a robot. The teacher reads the book called, Make the Best of It learning when we face challenges do your best to make the best of a situation. And Barry the Bell sounds a little off.

9 - A Beautiful Day

Eddie and Barry use adjectives to describe how they feel. The teacher reads the story Geraldine the Giraffe which is filled with describing words. Barry then writes a poem for his friend, Barbara, using colorful adjectives.

10 - What Goes Up Must Come Down

Join the students at Central Elementary as their science teacher shares the nonfiction book, Gravity, and discusses gravity and its invisible force. See how Eddie and Barry learn first-hand how gravity works!

11 - Don’t Bug Me

Eddie learns about different types of insects from butterflies to ants to lady bugs. The teacher reads the story Lucy the Ladybug and demonstrates how to make a ladybug magnet.

12 - Where’s Your Backbone?

Today is show-and-tell in Eddie’s class at Central Elementary School, and he shares photos of the mammals he saw during his visit to the zoo. The teacher shares the nonfiction book Marvelous Mammals that explains the traits that make an animal a mammal while Barry the Bell learns that he is allergic to a cat-tastic friend!